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Blue Economy

According to the World Bank, the blue economy seeks to use ocean resources sustainably to generate economic growth, improve livelihoods and create jobs, while preserving the health of marine ecosystems.

Investments in this area can also offer potential for good long-term performance.

What is the Blue Economy ?

The use of the word “blue” reflects its marine focus, covering all sustainable economic activities that depend on the seas and oceans. These opportunities therefore take the form of renewable marine energies, biotechnologies, aquaculture and fishing, tourism and environmental protection.

What are the challenges of the blue economy?

The challenges are global since there are many threats to ocean resources and they are being exacerbated by climate change. Overfishing, the destruction of marine habitats and plastic pollution are among the threats. The aim is therefore to develop a business model that opposes the excessive exploitation of these natural resources. This is why various organisations are looking for ways to improve the governance of the oceans and protect biodiversity. The concept is an answer to UN sustainable development goal 14: life below water.

What is the role of asset management on the theme of the Blue Economy?

At BNP Paribas Asset Management, we are committed to the companies in which we invest: we communicate with them and vote at their AGMs, placing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns at the heart of our investment strategies. We develop pioneering investment solutions that integrate environmental and ESG criteria, like the blue economy.

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