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BNP Paribas Easy thematic funds


BNP Paribas Easy’s range of thematic funds reconciles indexed investment management with indexation to the major themes of tomorrow.

ETFs for thematic investments

BNP Paribas Easy range of funds offers themes covering the main current economic challenges of today and tomorrow. They are sources of new market opportunities as they provide access to investment sectors and themes that are potentially uncorrelated to global equity markets and/or offer strong structural growth.

Examples of thematic investment:

  • Sector ETFs

BNP Paribas Easy offers a range of ETFs on STOXX Europe 600 sector indices allowing investors to expand their exposure to an individual sector, in particular within Europe.

  • Listed real-estate companies

BNP Paribas Easy range of funds also allows investors to access the Eurozone and European listed real-estate sectors at low cost. This asset class is attractive due to its portfolio diversification properties.